Starting my Summer Blogging off right!

Hello June

Hello everyone! I’ve been MIA the last few months as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I had major surgery a few months ago, that had me out for a couple of weeks. Feeling much better now and ready to get back blogging this summer. I’ve missed reading all the post of blogs I follow, so I must catch up on them. I’m ready to get my hands and creative juices flowing again. If you see late comments on your blog post, it’s just little ole me lol.

I have tons of things I want to make, so I should have lots of summer blog post. I hope you guys will come back by to check them out and encourage me to keep up this crafting thing. 🙂

What are you guys up to this summer? Any special summer blog plans? Family summer plans? This is the time for summer vacations, family reunions, etc. Our 5th wedding anniversary is in August, so that is our biggest non-blogging summer plan thus far. As far as MY summer blogging is concerned, I just want to post consistently, post relevant stuff, and keep you guys interested.

Here’s to hoping you guys have a blessed June….with lots of sun, fun, memories, and love!