My master plan to learn sewing basics

Sewing for Beginners

How does one gauge whether they truly know how to sew or are no longer a beginner at sewing? I need help answering these questions. I have sewn things. But I personally think I’m still a beginner. A beginner because I think there are still tons of sewing basics I should know.

I bought this magazine to get its perspective of sewing basics.I’m pretty sure there are tons of experts that possibly all have different takes on what is necessary to know as a sewing basic. While on the other hand there are some things they can all agree on. So I’m gonna go through this magazine and share what I’m learning. I browsed through already and found that some of the items I already have and some I don’t. Of course I’m also looking forward to completing the projects that are also included in this magazine.

This magazine is just a start to the many “beginner basics” I plan on learning about. Tons of reading and video watching to increase my sewing knowledge. I have also seen what looks like some good YouTube videos that I’ll add to this plan of mine to learn the sewing basics.

If you consider yourself a well versed person of the sewing world, are there any tips you care to share of how you learned/mastered sewing? Lots and lots of practice? LOL! What about some good social media accounts to follow? Or printed copies to read? I’m seeking all the help I can get. I’ll be sure to update on some that I found to be helpful.