Learning to Sew

Why do I have a desire of learning to sew? I like making things with my hands. I got this trait from my dad. There are so many neat things that can be made from sewing. Most people only think about clothing when it comes to sewing. From what I’ve learned and seen, sewing encompasses quilting, home decor such as pillows, curtains, etc. All crafters know the rewarding feeling from making something themselves.

I jumped the broom and bought myself a Brothers sewing machine for Christmas 2016 (but I bought it during the Black Friday sale haha). At that time I was so excited and starting thinking of ALL the things I was gonna make. I was visualizing all the things around my house that could be made. Then I started thinking about how I would organize my blog to document this new journey I was on.

I wrote a post about my first sewing goals. The internet and social media has a wealth of ideas and when looking/searching, your eyes and brain run on overload. You want to make literally everything. I think I was getting ahead of myself. No, I don’t think, I KNOW haha. First starters, I don’t even know how to sew that well yet.

I hope I can find some other newbies along the way and we can master this sewing dream together. Are there any newbies out there that wants to share stories and progress? Any experts willing to share some pointers with this newbie? I would love to follow some blogs, social media accounts, You-tubers.

Thanks for stopping by and following me on this journey.

~ Follow my sewing progress