I want to take good photo’s for my blog post

I’ve read a couple of good post and blogs since starting my own in December. Those blogs have some professional or professional looking photos. They range from some knowing they were taken with a phone, having no pictures at all, or having good software. Since I have a craft blog, I know those post need to have good pictures.

For my next craft I’m in search of finding the perfect DIY tutorial of taking good pictures of the things I craft. We can’t forget about the informational pictures. I know there are subscriptions I can get to have access to stock photos. Or joining sites like Canva (not an affiliate link). At least I can upload my own photo’s with Canva and add some flare.

Along with taking good pictures, I need a tutorial on having the perfect “background” for my pictures. As it stands, my pictures come from the internet (which I know is a no-no) or Canva. The lighting is not always suitable to my liking so I end up not doing a post. Crazy right!?!? I have a Samsung Note 5, so I know it’s capable of producing some stunning pictures/videos.

What I’m visualizing are white poster boards with some fabric or scrapbook paper that can be changed at will depending on the “scene” or “ambiance” I want portray. My, my, my! The wheels are churning and I don’t think I need to find that tutorial after all. I’m sure I’ll need some pointers on how to add the accessories etc. What about you guys? What is your process for gathering/creating pictures? What about some links to tutorials? I’d love to check them out and get some ideas!