I finished my first sewing project!

First Sewing

Although my curtains have been finished for weeks, I’m finally getting a chance to post about it. I’m working on my posting consistency so bare with me please. 🙂 Although I looked at tons of fabric from Wal-mart and JoAnn Fabrics, I finally settled on this one because I remember mentioning this one reminded me of buttons. Now I can scratch this off my First Sewing Project bucket list.

I didn’t want flowers or straight lines, and I didn’t see a design that caused me to think “kitchen”. It was a good color match with the current paint and cabinets and colors I already have in the adjacent living room. I haven’t gotten good at taking step-by-step pictures and videos yet so I just have these two pics, although I did post a picture on Instagram of the Curtain Grommets I used to make the rod holes (Dritz Home Decor).

I have two windows in my kitchen. The bigger one above and the smaller one below. I’m not sure why I chose to do the bigger window first. Does this mean my first sewing project isn’t really done since I have one more window to do? 🙂

i have to make a curtain for this window too

Below is a picture of my first pair of curtains and also what I was referring to about curtains that scream “kitchen”. I’m pretty sure you guys knew what I meant but thought I’d share just in case you guys are wondering why I’m even putting up curtains LOL! These don’t fit my current window and they don’t sell the size I need in the store, unless I frequent the wrong stores LOL! That is why I am making my own.

what my first kitchen curtain pattern was

Lastly, I do know and notice I need lots more work to perfect my sewing. I didn’t even use that pattern I bought. I noticed my left panel wasn’t measured correctly because the buttons “lean” ever so slightly down to the left. Not sure if you can tell in the picture but I can tell when looking at them in person. The right panel came out fine though.

I’m going to take a beginners sewing class at Joann Fabrics this month or next. I noticed I’ve been saying JoAnn Fabrics a lot, almost like speaking a new language LOL!

Do you guys remember your FIRST sewing or craft project? How daunting was it, if at all? Do you still have it around?