How is your summer going?

Hi July

Howdy good people! It’s just me checking in. How has your summer been thus far? It’s that time of year for vacations and family reunions. What about those summer cookouts and BBQs? Lastly, we can’t forget about your annual summer crafting! There hasn’t been much going on with me unfortunately. I wish I could say more was going on with my blog and crafts though lol.

So here we are in July. I could keep mentioning what I WANT to craft but I need more ACTION and I’m sure you guys would like to see that too. I promise I’m going to try and do better. There are tons of things on my to do list. I just need TO DO THEM!

While I don’t have anything going on this month, there are things coming up next month and I’m getting super excited. My list of crafts will center around what’s happening next month. Hope you’ll come back to check them out.

Until next time, enjoy your summer.