Happy Blog Anniversary

1yr Blog Anniversary

Hello good people! December is the month I started my blog last year,so Happy Blog Anniversary to me! My first post was nothing special, just a few simple words. I had high hopes for my blog for 2017. As you can see I didn’t quite make it that high lol. There were so many crafts I wanted to do. Some I did, some are still waiting to be done. Sadly, the ones I did, I hadn’t blogged about yet.

How do bloggers celebrate their blog anniversary anyway?
  • There is no wrong or right way to do so ( my own finding lol )
  • Highlight some memorable moments
  • Talk about how/why the blog was started
  • Possibly talk about future plans

I’ve had time to reflect over the year about the direction I’d like my blog to go in. For starters I changed the theme. I’m more pleased with this one, than the other. I think it will present my finished crafts better and I think this theme will help me keep my post organized. While I’m still in my learning phase in the crafts I want to blog about, I do plan on moving out of that “learner” box some day. This theme should allow me to transition in that phase and still feel appealing to me and hopefully the readers.

I’m going to bring it full circle and dedicate this anniversary month to all things sewing. I want to start again by mastering all the “basics” of sewing (from a couple of different perspectives). I bought a sewing magazine dedicated to beginners that I plan of blogging about to show what I’m learning. There are also a couple of YouTube videos I’ve seen that I’m going to start watching as well.

Thanks to the readers and subscribers that have rode along during this year. Thanks for the likes, comments, and encouragement you’ve left.