Are your DIY and crafting projects planned?

I would love to answer yes, but that’s just not true. There are things I want to make, but I don’t consider that an actual “plan”. I found this calendar while in the check out line at Joann Fabrics back in December. Being a new crafter, I had to have it.

This calendar represents what my idea of “planned” projects. You know ahead of time what you’ll be making and can easily gather the items/tools you’ll need. If you haven’t figured it out yet, each month is a new project. I like that the projects cater to all levels of expertise and genre’s of crafting.

Joann Fabric January 2017 Project: Winter’s Day Throw

Link to January 2017 project

Unfortunately I don’t know how to knit or crochet but I suppose this is a great time to learn. I’d love this add this skill to my repertoire. From what I’ve seen, the directions for learning to knit/crochet seem pretty straight forward. Now I just need to learn the difference between the two lol.

Joann Fabric January 2017 Project: Winter’s Day Throw

Now this version of the project, I can do. I’m already familiar with sewing. All I need is the fabric! There are pretty straight forward “how-to” directions. You can’t go wrong. Joann is good with providing sales and coupons, so seems like a no brainer to do this project since I’m so late in the month getting started.

Share with me how you guys plan or decide what craft or DIY project you are going to take on.