Welcome! Where do I even begin? I dreaded creating this about section because I couldn’t think of what I wanted the world to know about me, or if anyone cares. For starters, the name Just a Ram and Her Ambitions was derived from me being an Aries whose totem animal is the Ram, and having tons of ambitions that I want to spend the rest of my life achieving. While the better half of my blog will be dedicated to my crafting ambitions, I plan to share other ambitions I have such as cooking, organizing, and decorating, along with anything else my heart desires.

I’m not entirely new to blogging or crafting, but new to the idea of dedicating my time to both. I’ve been making things with my hands since I was 10 years old (thanks to my Dad), and I had a blog back in 2006. I think it was because I didn’t have a niche then so I found it hard to continue writing. Now that I’m back on the saddle, I get to do two things I enjoy: sharing experiences with like minded individuals and being creative.

I’m excited about this new journey. Having this blog motivates me to “do” and stay “focused”. I’m looking forward to the new places and heights that this blog and my enhanced crafting skills will take me. I’m looking forward to meeting and bonding with others that like to craft as well. I’m looking forward to mastering so many crafts that I had no idea existed or thought I’d be remotely interested in.

Look out world, Just a Ram and Her Ambitions is on a mission!


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